Private Label

Being one of the Private Label Manufacturers in Sialkot, Surkhab7 offers private label apparel manufacturing services,
we provide best quality Custom Cut & Sew Manufacturing, woven labels, satin labels, hangtags and heat pasted labels to
add more private, elegant and astounding look to your custom clothing line.

Custom Private Woven labels

In Private Label Manufacturers, Woven labels are used to display information about your Clothing brand. Branding Information includes brand name, logo or size. Custom woven label gives more elegant touch to the clothing for private label manufacturers.At Jaeger Sports, we not only make woven labels but also stitch them to your garments without charging any extra cost for stitching. You can attach these labels to your apparel, on neck or anywhere you wish to.

Woven labels created by Private Label Manufacturers will definitely give your garment a striking look they deserve. We produce high quality woven labels to give the best possible result to your private label clothing wholesalers needs.Minimum production is 500 woven labels. We kept these with us, so you can use them for future orders that require private label apparel manufacturing.

Custom Private Satin Labels

When designers think of labelling garment during the process of private label clothing manufacturing, satin label is a popular choice among private label clothes manufacturers because of its softness. It is a perfect choice particularly for clothes like private label t-shirts that are worn near to the skin. Although it is also use for labelling towels, etc. as we are top private label clothing manufacturing line.

At Surkhab7, these labels are available in white, black, cream and grey color and with each color one or two ink colors are available for printing branding information, logo or size for private label clothing manufacturers Sialkot.Label customization options include choosing material color, ink color, font size, font style and label size.

Minimum production quantity is 500 for Satin labels. They are kept with us for further private label apparel manufacturing, but if you need we also ship the labels to you separately as we are top private label manufacturers.

Custom Private Hangtags

In Private label Apparel Manufacturing Hangtag is a great way to promote and market your clothing Brand. With us you can customize your hangtags to market your garments more effectively; all is done under one roof so this idea gives you 100% private label apparel manufacturing under one roof.

Hangtag is a perfect marketing tool that grabs potential customers’ attention when your garments are hanged in store surrounded by thousands of other garments. That is why printing high quality hangtags are important. No more boring plain hangtags. It is the right time to enhance your promotional material with us, the one which is capable of grabbing customers’ attention.

At Surkhab7, we offer high quality printing of hangtags in any shape, size with punched hole and string.Minimum production is 500 for Hangtags. We kept these with us, so you can use them for future orders of private label apparel manufacturing.

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